About Us

If you want to turn your kid’s drawing into a plush toy, you are in the right place!

We have an individual approach to every plush toy we start making. Every specific detail on a drawing and every customer request regarding any feature of the final product is important to us, so we try to spend as much time as possible to achieve the best performance. We pay close attention to careful selection of materials and try to choose the most appropriate sewing technique every time we start developing a new toy. All of our toys are made with high quality fabrics (e.g., cotton, fleece, flannel) and stuffed with 100% polyester fiberfill.

We are based in Croatia, Europe.

Our team currently consists of three members:

Ankica - Doodle Your Toys
Has years of experience in creating handmade products, especially in the field of sewing and knitting. Since the launch of Doodle Your Toys, she is dedicated solely to making toys based on a children’s drawings. She is involved in every part of the creation process.

Leona - Doodle Your Toys
Contributes in all stages of development, but most of the time she spends in tailoring and preparating your sketch for sewing. This part is especially important when drawing has certain complexity, poor recognition of shapes, or it is necessary to apply a certain level of creativity and improvisation.

Goran - Doodle Your Toys
Responds to all your inquiries and comments, accepts and considers all your suggestions and ideas. He ensures that the entire process, from the receipt of an order to the delivery of the toy, goes through without any difficulties.