My dad and I

June 26, 2018

Who doesn’t love their parents? This girl sure does. It hasn’t been a long way from school work to plush toy – we are familiar with that feeling and we couldn’t wait to make it as a toy. This family now has a unique artwork attached to their fridge and very same stuffed toy – […]

My dad and I - stuffed toy

Tiffy’s plushies

May 26, 2018

She thinks that her unique plush toys look even better live – we must agree that talented team is doing their best but they are depending on magnificent artwork they receive. In conclusion, your drawing is the most appreciated thing in this whole process and we are very welcome to help you all to fulfil your […]

Tiffy's plush toy

Australia’s most unique kangaroo

April 22, 2018

Monika’s stuffed kangaroo jumps better than any in Australia. A different shape makes him unique and having something like it as a plush toy is more than awesome. We released it to a long distance journey and gave him a real stuffed legs and body to make him stronger. Have a nice trip to Monika!

Australia’s most unique kangaroo - stuffed toy

Superheroes stop in line

March 15, 2018

A great world defender came to life. From children imagination to a real stuffed toy – world can use more of these. Strong stuffed body armed with shield and hidden weapons, bad can guys can only run and hide. We received a detailed drawing and our main job was to bring this plush toy to […]

Jessica's plush superhero