All of our toys are custom handmade as a unique products based on the drawings and sketches received from you.

Most often, our stuffed toys are created in two main sizes. Depending on the size in which you want your plush toy to be made, the price is formed as follows:

  • Standard size toy (approx. 11-13” / 28-33cm height or width):
    $99 ( + shipping costs $20)
  • Large size toy (approx. 15-16” / 38-40cm height or width):
    $129 ( + shipping costs $20)

We ship worldwide!

If you have any special request regarding the size or some other requirements, feel free to let us know.

Get your softie :)

Send your drawings, artworks, cartoons, sketches, or any kind of graphic design. mail@doodleyourtoys.com

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