Hannah’s doll

October 24, 2019

Hannah’s fancy suited doll naturally came together in no time! His wool coat and pair of glasses made him a real gentleman in his 3D form. But don’t be fooled by this fancy pants – he is actually a real fun with his funky haircut and colourful overalls. We are sure we delivered to this […]

The most fabulous Mum ever!

January 26, 2019

Who wouldn’t like to have a Mum for a cuddle all the time! We know how – the least demanding version of Mum is this amazing unique softie copy. How great is that! Melissa can be next to her daughter whenever she needs cuddles in her very own version of Mum made from her drawing […]

Mellisa's plush mum.

Classy Pigeon Indeed

December 2, 2018

Wooo! Wait a second – did someone say pigeon in a waistcoat? It truly is a pigeon. In a waistcoat. We have just released one to fly to its owner, it couldn’t wait to be released from a piece of paper. This special softie was nothing less than a true gentleman to our team – […]

Plush pigeon toy

Forceful Foxy

October 12, 2018

This amazing warrior is being in a rush. Between saving the world and being the most amazing toy ever, his owner Henry is more than excited to have him at home for his 10th birthday. This special plush toy is ready to depart – his Mum gave us a blessing to send softie Foxy overseas […]

Amanda's soft fox toy